Corporate catering and canteen services aren´t only about monotonous, uninspired cooking but about offering tasty, healthy, and diverse lunches and dinners as well as catering tailored to your specific needs, including meal delivery right to your door.

Corporate Catering

We'll prepare a reliable and comprehensive dining concept for you


Event Catering

We'll take care of all the hassles of preparing and executing your corporate events


About the Company

The number one choice for corporate dining in South Bohemia.


Dear employees, please visit the whistleblowing page for instructions on reporting unlawful conduct according to the whistleblower protection law in our company.
We offer support and protection when sharing important information.






Outdoor BBQ

Planning a summer event? Our grill will fill your event with the tantalizing aroma of spicy pork steaks and marinated delights. Beer? We've got it.

Více zde

International Children's Day

We will cater to both small and large participants. Medals will be prepared for them.

Více zde

Open House Day

We ensure participants have refreshments all day long.
Více zde

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